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Papercut on my eyeball, will it heal itself or do I need to see a doctor?

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bran Mon 16-Apr-07 20:21:53

Two or three weeks ago ds caught my eyeball (the white part) with the edge of his magazine as I was putting him in his carseat. At the time it hurt for a short while, just like any poke in the eye would, but then it got better and I was able to drive home. But now I have a raised scar (or weal or something) on my eyeball, and while it doesn't hurt it is annoying and feels like I have an eyelash in my eye all the time.

Is there any point in going to the gp, I'm not even sure if it can be treated. Will it just clear up by itself?

I really should have put this on NQC's minor but annoying illness thread, but my list of ailments was already the longest by an embarassing margin I think.

lunarlandingplace Mon 16-Apr-07 20:23:35

Dr thing I think - can't remember where but I looked up eye injuries when ds had a bump a while ago and I'm sure I saw something about any kind of cut at all meaning you need to see an opthalmologist...

DeviousDaffodil Mon 16-Apr-07 20:25:31

Would get it checked.

margoandjerry Mon 16-Apr-07 20:25:48

Definitely go to the doc.

My sister's baby scratched her (my sister's) eye when a newborn and she still has to have drops in it to keep it lubricated. If she doesn't look after the "scar" it opens up again if she gets dehydrated (ie when hungover!).

Aimsmum Mon 16-Apr-07 20:28:24

Message withdrawn

bran Mon 16-Apr-07 20:34:49

Bummer. I hate going to the gp. Let this be a lesson about being very careful of those CBeebies magazines. The stiff outer cover that they have is lethal.

bran Mon 16-Apr-07 20:38:59

Oh, and thanks all for the advice and sympathetic winching. I always forget to say thank you, I was raised in a barn (or some other type of outlandish building where manners are not necessary).

beckybrastraps Mon 16-Apr-07 20:44:16

Holy Mother of God!


beckybrastraps Mon 16-Apr-07 20:45:09


Sympathy, sympathy.

bran Mon 16-Apr-07 20:46:14

I only have interesting afflictions BB.

JackieNo Mon 16-Apr-07 20:46:38

When she was tiny, DD hit DH in the eye with a jingly musical instrumnent. He is very squeamish about anything to do with eyes, and doctors in general, so endured months of pain (especially at night) before I persuaded him to go to the eye hospital about it. He had to keep it lubricated, and wear a patch for about 3 days, just to get it healing, so go sooner, rather than later.

bigshopper Mon 16-Apr-07 20:54:42

Go - you get some cream and a patch. Only takes a few days to go.

allieBongo Mon 16-Apr-07 20:55:28

i did this. had the cream and the patch. go and sort it please!

liquidclocks Mon 16-Apr-07 20:56:19

I cut the white of my eye once - just got given some eye drops to put in twice a day to prevent infection - had to to put them in for a week or so. No patches

bran Tue 17-Apr-07 10:00:19

Hopefully it'll keep as the earliest appointment I could get is next Monday.

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 10:04:43

when dd2 was a baby i was carrying her upstairs and she scratched me on the eyeball. jesus, baby's nails are the sharpest things in the universe

anyhoo, i thought i was going to be ok

i sat through a horrendous session of mothers and toddlers, everyone wondering what the hell was wrong with me

on the way back i went into the gp surgery and screamed at the receptionist "im blind!"
she got the nurse to come and check me out, who said it was fine, but they gave me anaesthetic eyedrops for the pain, which helped, it really was sore, i tell you

i healed quick tho

i hope ds is ok, id have it checked, infection could cause problems

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