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More and more ailments, is this a sign of getting older or something else

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user1495451339 Mon 13-Nov-17 13:09:06

So I just keep adding more and more things to my list of general daily ailments:

Hair thinning, not too noticeable to others (I hope) but definitely thinner than it used to be.

Nails cracking and splitting, can't grow them at all but used to be able to grow them long.

Bloodshot eyes on and off all the time, have got various drops from the doctors but nothing helps.

Red nose (sometimes there sometimes not - like a kind of flush rather than permanent ie if I press it it goes white in colour).

Tooth gum started to recede on one front tooth - dentist says gums are fine I must be brushing too hard. This is really freaking me out. I am quite careful brushing anyway and have a soft brush and follow nhs toothcare guidelines.

Anyone else have similar, could it be a vitamin deficiency?

I don't feel too bad generally so have put this down to getting older - am early 40s. The only medication I take is the pill but I have taken this for years now. I also have a horrible myclonus condition that started 2 years ago but luckily has improved a bit recently.

SaggyBalloons Tue 14-Nov-17 10:41:49

I am exactly the same! I had some MORE bloods taken yesterday. I have fibro and everything is just put down to that. Its awful

user1495451339 Tue 14-Nov-17 13:52:44

Saggy - at least we aren't alone I suppose!! I think I will go to my GP to discuss! Sorry about the fibro, that must be hard.

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