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TMI, I'm going to rip my vagina off

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Housequeen101 Thu 09-Nov-17 18:20:00

So went to the doctors, had itchy Minnie for most of my pregnancy, they won't swab me as I'm 29 weeks but gave me trush cream, not worked at all. No discharge, and it doesn't itch all the time, every few days maybe. Haven't changed anything like bath products, washing products or soap. The itch isn't "in" my Minnie either, more where the pubic hair finishes on the lip. It's driving me mad. Doctors won't do more and my midewife is a nightmare to get hold off. Any herbal remidies?
If you read this without cringing well done! 🙈🙈

Waterfeature Thu 09-Nov-17 18:22:41

I haven’t had this problem but coconut oil seems to cure most things... It stinks though!

Itsonkyme Thu 09-Nov-17 18:25:31

It sounds as though it might be your pubic hair, tickling your Minnie. Did you have a Brazillian before you got pregnant and it's growing out. That's all I can think of.

Snafflebrain Thu 09-Nov-17 18:27:08

Can you ask your drs or midwife to prescribe timodene cream? I have recurrent thrush and it helps calm the whole area down. It is a mix of steroid + antifungal + antibacterial. Perhaps you don’t have thrush if there’s no discharge but the timodene might still help. Sorry this isn’t immediately useful advice for this evening unless you are desperate enough for a walk in centre

Housequeen101 Thu 09-Nov-17 18:35:19

Thanks for the grown up replies, was dreading what people were going to come back with 😂

Itsonkyme - my min doesn't itch only where the hair meets, to be fair it could be this as I can't see my feet let alone Minnie so hasn't been as well trained as normal 🙈🌲

Twinkie1 Thu 09-Nov-17 18:37:59

I had this, started when I was pregnant and I tried everything from emu oil to cream with menthol in which a dozy Brazilian Doctor prescribed which nearly sent me through the roof. The thing that after 10 years of suffering and a fortune on different preparations was Clobaderm cream which literally stopped it in a couple of hours.

Itsonkyme Thu 09-Nov-17 18:44:52

Trying not to laugh really! What a subject grin itchy Minnie!!!!!!
Although, I will not laugh, as I know an itch can drive you crazy.
Hope you sort of our soon Housequeen

Itsonkyme Thu 09-Nov-17 18:45:19

sort it out

BeachysFlipFlops Thu 09-Nov-17 18:56:04


KeiraTwiceKnightley Thu 09-Nov-17 18:57:08

You are soon to push a child out of it. No need to be shy. It's a vagina. Or a vulva, if you are being a purist about it.

Coconut oil is a good cure all for vaginal itching. Try a few days with no shower gels, just water if possible. And if you've been using pads in your pants, stop - these will cause problems in some women as the air can't circulate. Buy some cheap cotton Knicks and throw them away when the pregnancy and the first few weeks are over.

NoParticularPattern Thu 09-Nov-17 18:57:09

Have you tried a different brand of thrush cream? I just use generic Clotrimazole cream, but I was advised by a doctor and pharmacist that sometimes (for no apparent reason) a different one works more effectively.

I feel your pain- I’ve just had the most awful bout of thrush at 28 weeks and have had to resort to the lovely pessaries. You know the ones that give the most lovely chalky discharge all day?! Thankfully my doc was happy to prescribe them based on symptoms, but I miss being able to take one pill and have it go away!! Yeah pregnancy is great!!

purplecorkheart Thu 09-Nov-17 19:11:28

Sudocream maybe? I find it quite good for things like that.

zebrapig Thu 09-Nov-17 19:23:05

Try a pessary rather than cream. What you're describing sounds very similar to what I get when I have thrush. If you can get the soft gel pessary as it works really well - I know Boots normally have it.

noodleaddict Thu 09-Nov-17 19:59:43

I feel you OP. I've had the itch for most of this pregnancy and it's driving me NUTS. Clotrimazole pessary is the only thing that sorts it for me then the cream keeps it at bay but when that's run out it just bloody comes back again. I must have been through at least 4 treatment cycles...argh. I'm going to try the coconut oil thing now!

Sympathies for you flowers

NoParticularPattern Thu 09-Nov-17 20:16:39

Also just to say the pessaries I have are the 200mg once a day ones. Three days worth and I already feel a lot better with one left to go. I have to say that my symptoms were very similarly to yours in that the itching wasn’t internal it was more like ingrown hair itch on the outside. Mine was brought on by too many hours spent in the pool last weekend but I’ve been known to get mild cases before I was pregnant for seemingly no reason at all.

lou8519 Tue 14-Nov-17 23:43:42

Coconut oil all the way xxx

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