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Desperately need advice - Daily pain

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VLCos Thu 09-Nov-17 17:45:29

Longish story for last four months I have been having left sided pain spreads round to back and up left ribs . I have had tons of bloods done , three ultrasounds , two CTs and a colonoscopy and also had my gallbladder out which they said would cure the pain .
During this time my spleen has gone from 13cms to 15cms . But hemotology doctors can’t find why .
My GP has said she doesn’t know what to do with me .
I am having daily pain all day no pain killers shift or help , can’t wear a bra . Pain getting worse but no one can help . I feel like I can’t live like this am at my wits end . Does any kind person have any advice .
I feel so desperate for one day without pain or at least a solution to my pain .
Any advice would be welcome

Koba88 Fri 10-Nov-17 00:57:18

Hey- oh you poor thing I can 100% sympathise with you on this. I suffer with chronic costochondritus and have done for 21 years. I have major flare ups and am coming towards the end of my pregnancy which is resulting in daily pain.
Is the pain sharp or a dull ache?
Does it get worse with deep breaths and have you noticed anything that triggers the pain such as exercise?

I currently take cocodamol which only helps ever so slightly but have taken Tramadol when I wasn't pregnant which did help more but sickness with it was awful. I suggest trying: a tens machine, visiting an osteopath and trying acupuncture* (*if the pain is usually there for a while and not too intermittent) Also try Thai massage. Depending on pain meds you are trying and again depending on type of pain then opoid pain killer may be the best route.

Hope this has helped a little. smile

VLCos Sat 11-Nov-17 12:43:13

@Koba88 thank you so much for your reply . The pain feels dull but constant and sometimes spreads up the ribs . I have been avoiding painkillers as they don’t work.
I went to see a new GP Friday hes has mentioned costochondritus to me . First time anyone has . This has been going on since July would a flare up last this long ? He said to me not taking painkillers can be part of the problem and put me on a two week regime of ibuprofen , pracetomol and codeine top up if needed saying this might help tackle things .
He also said I should be reassured these tests show little but I am not and is part of the problem . I feel very tearful because it’s a daily pain no respite :-(
I really appreciate your advice and have booked in to see an osteopath .

VLCos Sat 11-Nov-17 19:15:20

Forgot to add my friend who is an ICU nurse said they say is costochonritus when they have no clue !!

Koba88 Sun 12-Nov-17 11:35:16

Yes this has been my struggle over the years. The plus side is it is nothing 'serious' but the downside is that the pain can be very debilitating. I am under a pain clinic in London who are very very helpful and even my doctor there said my condition sounds like costochondritis but not a textbook version. It does start to feel like a brush off after a while. Good luck with osteopath smile

VLCos Sun 12-Nov-17 19:03:40

Hi ! Thank you for getting back to me . Does this condition every make you feel fatigued ? I guess long term pain would ? Hope you are having a good weekend :-)

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