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Private GP app

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emmabrown123 Wed 08-Nov-17 15:28:42

Has anyone used one of these. I remember doing a trial of one for Mumsnet once but haven’t used since.

Background - I’ve had an ear problem for over a month, I’ve never managed to see my GP because it impossible to get an appointment (even if I ring up on the dot of 8.30 like they suggest). I’ve seen the nurse practitioner 3 times - each time they prescribed my antibiotics. Each time the antibiotics haven’t worked. On my last appointment they said the infection had now caused my ear drum to perforate. I’m in so much pain, I’ve been off work but need to go back or I’ll be in trouble with HR. This last course of antibiotics aren’t working and it’s getting worse. I feel like I need to see a doctor and have something other than more antibiotics thrown at me.

Any ideas? Would trying one of these online private GP’s help? I’m pretty desperate...

Psychobabble123 Wed 08-Nov-17 15:32:38

If it were me, I'd look at the cost and if a private ENT consultation wasnt much more expensive I'd do that. Would be £200 ish here but don't know what a private HP appointment costs.

Caulk Wed 08-Nov-17 15:34:37

Can private GPs refer you to other services? I think I would be apprehensive incase they said I needed to see someone else but would have to get my doctor to refer me.

Any online appointment booking available? I find that easier

emmabrown123 Wed 08-Nov-17 15:38:18

No they don’t do online booking at my doctors. It’s just ring on the day but they never ever have appointment available when I ring. They have emergency ones but the receptionist will only ever give them to children and they always tell me the nurse practitioner can deal with my problem and I don’t need a doctor.

I think a private GP consultation is £20 they can refer on but I don’t know if that’s to a private specialist, which I probably couldn’t afford.

Floralnomad Wed 08-Nov-17 15:42:23

Just tell the receptionist that you need an emergency appt with a Dr , it’s none of their business why . If you can’t get one I’d seriously change GPs as this is ridiculous .

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