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Ferrousfumerate1 Tue 07-Nov-17 09:17:58

I've developed a high-pitched whistle in my ears. At night it's driving me mad. It seems to be with me now all the time.

Does it go? Could it get worse? I write in silence so I'm really noticing it right now.

Is it worth me going to my doctor?

puch Tue 07-Nov-17 09:39:12

it is best to go to the doctors they can refer you to an ENT specialist. It could be as simple as having blocked ears due to wax. I developed tinnitus over 20 years ago due to stress during the build of my wedding . Unfortunately mine never went and my hearing has deteriorated over the years which makes the tinnitus worse . But on good note it may suddenly disappear. Have you listened to loud music recently, had a cold etc? You do learn to live with it. They are cds around to relax you and white noise reducer. But first step is to go to the doctors to check out ears and then to a specialist to rule out any other problems. Good luck

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