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Hysterectomy and adenomyosis

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RememberWhoIWas Mon 06-Nov-17 22:40:26


I was hoping some of you may have been through similar.

I am in my late 30s and got diagnosed with adenomyosis a few years ago. My symptoms are now getting worse and it's becoming more than I can cope with. I have recently seen a new gyno and he says the only cure is a hysterectomy but he will be able to leave in my ovaries.

Has anyone has this type of hysterectomy whilst only in their 30s. Anyone dealing with adenomyosis or had a hysterectomy for this ? Are you glad you had it done or do you regret it? How long until you felt better after the op ? Sorry for all the questions, I feel devastated at having to deal with this, 5 years ago I was perfectly healthy and my life has changed beyond recognition due to this. I have also been told there is a chance of my ovaries failing and therefore having to go through early menopause.

Trying to read as much as I can about it all but I think it would be good to hear from others who have actually been through it.


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