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Post pregs arthritis??

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MSMB Mon 06-Nov-17 21:41:43

Bit of advice needed. After the birth of my first (about 3mths after) i had achey hands and wrists. I put it down to lifting a heavy car seat and holding the baby whilst feeding. My HV suggested it could be carpel tunnel. It went away, came back again when my daughter was 1 for a few weeks then cleared up. Now I've had baby 2 and it's back and worse than ever! The Dr ran some blood tests and mentioned rheumatoid. Anyway today they all came back clear but the pain is so bad! Dr just shrugged it off and told me to take ibruprofen... said maybe it's some other type of arthritis and just to eat well and see how it goes? I feel like crying when I have to lift anything help!

wtftodo Mon 06-Nov-17 22:04:20

Have you had a full blood count done including vitamin d and calcium? I get shooting and achey pains with vit d deficiency.

Tigger001 Mon 06-Nov-17 22:24:31

I have exactly the same in my wrists and also my ankle. My little man is 3 months and I struggle lifting him through the night and the pain can excruciating. I went to my doc who asked " did I have any suggestions what it could be" not particularly helpful, but she did send me for bloods. The bloods came back with low calcium and low something else ( I only got the results via the doctors receptionist over the phone) and have to wait another month for another set of bloods to try and determine the problem.
I have also been advised to ask for a vitamin d check as this can cause joint pain. Although apparently in the winter most people on the UK though fall below the recommended vitamin d levels so docs are reluctant to do the tests as they are not a conclusive indicator when linking it to joint pain.

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