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Does this sound like gallbladder pain?

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moutonfou Mon 06-Nov-17 17:19:05

I seriously overindulged yesterday (special occasion). Got a burning around my diaphragm, which I presumed was indigestion/reflux. Took some Rennies but they didn't help.

The pain got worse and when it properly developed, it was actually slightly to the right of centre, under the rib. It was a constant burning/stabbing pain. Eventually went to bed and by this morning it had passed. Today I've eaten very sensibly and it hasn't come back.

In the past, when I've overindulged, I have sometimes got a sort of 'stitch' on the right side, but never this.

I'm slim and healthy (though prone to the odd overindulgence) but there is family history of gallstones.

trinity0097 Mon 06-Nov-17 19:40:35

Could quite possibly be

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