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Doctor Issues

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thecakefairy Mon 06-Nov-17 15:49:07

Hi all,

I moved to a new area and registered with a new doctor at the beginning of June. No health issues and rarely see a GP.
I've had a blocked ear since June.
First of all it was annoying, then it became painful at the end of August.
I couldn't get an appointment at my doctor's, so I went to a recommended drop in centre. Got drops as a treatment which didn't work.
Made an appointment at my doctor's and managed to get to see a nurse. More drops which didn't work.
Gradually got worse. Total hearing loss in ear and blood and discharge which is smelly. I felt all the drops didn't help as my ear was always wet and mucky and never had a chance to dry out. It was like it was festering.
Tried to get another appointment but no luck, so went to a different drop in centre as recommended. They were so lovely there and said it was a middle ear infection and looked awful and gave me antibiotics. They also said that if it didn't work, the guidelines were that I needed to see my own GP with a possibility of being referred to a specialist as it was persistent. The antibiotics started working practically straight away and I was just so happy to finally have relief and then literally just before taking the last tablet, my ear started to bubble and hiss, blocked right up and the discharge came back worse than ever.
Called my own surgery today at the recommended time and by the time I got through, no appointments. Was told to go to the drop in centre again but tried to say that I've been told not to.
Finally got a telephone appointment with a doctor which I'm waiting for. Not really sure if a telephone appointment will lead to an actual real appointment.
In between all of these appointments, I have tried to make other appointments, sometimes calling 40+ times in a row but never got through.
I feel really run down and I'm trying to work and I feel so out of it all the time, as I can't hear properly. I'm feeling mildly depressed which I think is just from the constantly run down feeling and also moving to a new area, I was ready to go out and meet people/join clubs, choirs etc but I just sit at home eating because I can't imagine walking into somewhere new and socialising if I can't even hear.
I just want my own doctor to see me and give me an idea of a plan of action, instead of my going here, there and everywhere.
They don't even give you an option to make an advanced appointment, even if there is a wait. I'd rather have that.
I can't decide whether to try another doctors or do you think it would be possible that if I explained at a drop in centre, that I can't get an appointment with my GP, they could refer me? I'm guessing no but I can't see how I can get this sorted when I can't even get an appointment.

JohnHunter Mon 06-Nov-17 17:31:40

It sounds as if you might benefit from changing practice. Even if the walk-in centre could refer you - and they might not be able to - you might have another health issue that needs sorting out in the future. Some GP practices are better organised than others.

thecakefairy Tue 07-Nov-17 07:50:33

Thanks for he reply.
I’m going to start doing some research on other surgeries in my area as this one is definitely not suitable for working people.
It’s taken me 40 - 50 minutes to get through on at least 5 occasions and by then all appointments have gone!
One of my friends who lives nearby has already said her surgery offers drop ins and advanced appointments.
Thanks again

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