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What is this strange pain?

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PurpleYam Mon 06-Nov-17 12:32:29

I've had it several times recently. It comes on quite suddenly and quickly builds up to quite a severe pain, not strong enough to cry out, but strong enough that I won't be able to cope if it keeps going.

The pain is high in my chest, just left of centre. It radiates down on the left, to my stomach area, and centrally upwards through my throat and into my face.

A cold drink eases it almost instantly, but the ache remains for a long time afterwards, and sometimes flares up again after a few minutes/hours.

I cannot identify any pattern or trigger.

Any ideas what it might be? And should I worry?

IAmcuriousyellow Mon 06-Nov-17 12:42:30

If I had that I'd be off to the GP pronto. Not something I've experienced but I can tell you I wouldn't ignore or just wonder! Get yourself seen, and soon.

Fairylea Mon 06-Nov-17 12:49:01

Any chest pain needs urgent investigation. Could be anything from indigestion to heart attack...! Sorry I don’t mean to worry you but you definitely need it checking. I suffer with similar regular chest pain and mine is asthma (I don’t have the usual wheezing people do, mine is silent asthma).

Fucky Mon 06-Nov-17 12:50:44

My god woman go to the doctors

Could be heartburn
Could be a HEART ATTCK!!!

PurpleYam Mon 06-Nov-17 12:52:39

I don't think a cold drink would stop a heart attack.

Fairylea Mon 06-Nov-17 13:01:40

A cold drink wouldn’t stop a cardiac arrest but you could have angina or narrowing of the arteries etc which could be starting and stopping and need treatment.

PurpleYam Mon 06-Nov-17 13:45:57

I don't feel dizzy or short of breath or nauseous. My BP is fine (has been checked several times in the past month for other reasons). It's literally just this pain.

Mookatron Mon 06-Nov-17 13:48:24

Nobody with any sense is going to tell you anything except go to the GP.

If you choose to believe anyone who diagnoses you with something on the internet then you are basically neglecting yourself IMVHO.

PandorasXbox Mon 06-Nov-17 14:33:41

Another one saying get this checked. Could be muscular or your stomach but only a doctor would know for sure.

PurpleYam Mon 06-Nov-17 15:34:49

Oh I'm very good at neglecting

PurpleYam Mon 06-Nov-17 15:37:32

Oh I'm very good at neglecting myself.

Yes, I know I ought to get it checked out, but it just doesn't seem to be a big deal - other than when I actually have the pain.

I hoped it might be familiar to someone.

I'll make an appointment.

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