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Anxious, nervous and panicky all the damn time

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FanjoBanjo1989 Mon 06-Nov-17 12:11:02

I've had anxiety before, but in response to some pretty stressful big life stuff. For the last few weeks though I've had it really bad and it seems to have come out of nowhere. I often feel as though I'm on the verge of panicking, scared of losing my mind. I've been struggling to eat when around others (my stomach gets so tense I get stomach ache), I've been considering not meeting people I've never met before because bizarrely I find it stressful (what if I faint? what if I'm ill? what if I can't go and I have to let them down?) I'm pushing through it because I don't want to be limited by fear, but it's making life miserable. I had a blood test a few weeks ago and I'm vit D deficient. I've started taking supplements. I don't know whether it's related or not.

Do you have any suggestions or advice? Should I be looking at taking B vitamins too? I'm desperate sad

maxthemartian Mon 06-Nov-17 19:05:51

Take magnesium. Get a chelated form, not magnesium oxide as that will upset your stomach. Also look at a magnesium spray.

Be careful of high doses of the B vitamins if you are feeling very anxious.

Try the supplement l-theanine for a bit of anxiety relief with no nasty side effects.

Have you recently taken any antibiotics btw?

maxthemartian Mon 06-Nov-17 19:06:31

Oh and make sure it's Vitamin D3 you are taking, and a fairly hefty dose if you're deficient.

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