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Scared I have bowel cancer

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Scared10937959 Sun 05-Nov-17 11:07:57

Please can anyone with any experience of bowel cancer put my mind at ease as I'm making myself very unwell with anxiety.
I have a colonoscopy and gastroscopy booked next week as I have had soft stools multiple times per day and also sometimes constipation, bloating, lots of wind and mucuous.
I'm 30 years old and don't have some of the red flag symptoms like blood, weight loss or aneamia (my iron levels were normal during recent blood tests).
I have never suffered from anxiety before until I started to fall unwell a few months ago. I've had an ultrasound of my pelvic region to rule out gyneo problems as sometimes things like ovarian cysts can cause digestive issues. I've also had an ultrasound of my stomach area, liver, pancreas and gallbladder which all looked normal.
All of my blood tests have been normal other than inflammation was showing (my CRP was 18 and has gone down to 10) and my liver enzyme ALT was 136 but is now 55.
I have been experiencing some dizziness and low blood sugar symptoms on top of the digestive problems. I've been eating normally and avoiding too many fibrous things and lactose. Oh and I'm not celiac

charliebear78 Mon 06-Nov-17 20:30:54

I was in the exact same situation as you earlier this Year,had all the same tests you mentioned and everything came back clear.
I have IBS and have done so for 10 plus Years, despite knowing this I still became convinced it could have been Cancer(Google!!!is thy enemy)
Some of your symptoms do sound like IBS or you could perhaps have a IBD.
Only a scope in places you would rather it didn't go will tell you.
Good luck and although I KNOW it is not easy try not to worry(I lost weight through the stress of all this and this just made me panic more,I was very unwell through the anxiety it is truly terrible to feel that way)

Graceflorrick Mon 06-Nov-17 20:35:27

I had the same, tests came back confirming IBS. Don’t worry OP.

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