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Post viral fatigue... anyone?

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Tiredofbeingsotired Fri 03-Nov-17 16:45:38

Hiya, I went to the GP today as I had a fluey bug about 7 weeks ago that I've not shaken off. I spent 2-3 days completely flat out, but since then am utterly exhausted and feel dreadful, ache all over, can't find my words, daily headaches and the cough I had just hasn't cleared up - that kind of thing.

GP suggested it's probably post viral fatigue which is not heard of before. I've got to go for some blood tests and she's suggested I'll probably need a vitamin D supplement.

I'm not really sure (and she didn't specify) what I should be doing to get better though - I expect I don't remember because my brain is just foggy. Has anyone else had/ have this & how long did it take to shake off & what if anything did you find helped? Thanks for any help

MissConductUS Fri 03-Nov-17 17:20:03

Another term for the same condition is

Post Viral Syndrome

There's some dispute about whether it's physical or psychogenic in nature, as you'll see in the above article.

Carry on with the tests. The vitamin D certainly can't hurt.

Sorry you're feeling poorly.

iCoCo Fri 03-Nov-17 17:26:44

Also take magnesium and calcium (boots do a combined version). The 3 vitamins work together and maximise absorption. I had this and was about to be referred to the CFS clinic, then I got pregnant, which “reset” me. Don’t take the low dose vit D, get some high dose ones. Vit D is so misunderstood and is a very interesting subject.

Don’t push yourself, you will not improve. Take as much rest as possible. Hope you improve soon.

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