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SPD 14 years later - oh the pain...

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itsstillhotinperth Fri 03-Nov-17 15:10:46

Was hospitalized with SPD for 3 weeks before c-section birth of second child 14 years ago. It never really went away - subsided a lot to just twinges occasionally but life gone on pretty much normally since then with an eye on being careful of wrong movements that would hurt, and then obviously stop doing that.

Was at gym 2 days ago and instructed to do sideways lunges - felt a bit of twinging in the front of the pelvis, finished the exercises and 18 hrs later I can barely move. Every step is agony, it hurts to go upstairs, I can't lie on my side in bed to sleep - how the hell can sleep on my back, OMG what have I done? And when will it stop ? Have even put nurofen gel on my bits but it hasn't really worked.

When will it stop? Does anyone know? Anyone experienced this after so long? Is it because I'm perimenopausal and my pelvis is failing again due to lack of oestrogen or something? aaaarrrrgggghhhh....

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