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Period Pains, No Period? 8 Weeks PP

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LetItRain88 Fri 03-Nov-17 08:32:09

8 weeks pp, been on the pill for two weeks so have two weeks left of the pill (full pill not mini pill) before my break. But for the last three/four days I’ve been having pains like I’m due to come on 🤔 but nothing is happening!

Is this normal? Quite strong period pain type feeling...wouldn’t mind if it was an actual period but it’s annoying that it’s not really building up to anything 😑

Can’t get into the docs until next week or I’d just book an apt.

Pic of my baby daddy and baby boy 💙

Ps. The pill I’m on is Dianette (co cyprindiol). It’s what I was on for about 9 years before trying for a baby 😊 and I am bottle feeding xx

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