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Plasma Viscosity blood test

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Mumthedogsbeensick Thu 02-Nov-17 17:53:55

I’ve been having my plasma viscosity levels checked for the past few months because they were raised when I had a range of bloods taken to find out why I feel so crap and tired and achy all the time. All other results were normal. My PV has steadily increased to the level I was given today by my GP which was 1.84 (I believe normal range is below 1.7 so not massively abnormal) He then told me from January the labs in our area are no longer carrying out PV blood tests as it’s such a non specific inflammatory marker so that’s that. There are no other concerns with my full blood count, thyroid levels (apart from my thyroid antibodies which are 585 and I’m told I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis but they can’t treat it as my TSH is normal) and liver and kidney function so I’m no longer being monitored. It’s frustrating because I still feel crap and with a past history of Hodgkins Lymphoma I am anxious that or similar is raising its ugly head. Should I just leave things and wait and see how I feel?

MyAngels Tue 07-Nov-17 08:58:54


I have been so similar to you over the last year - countless blood tests cos I was feeling rubbish - high PV, but normal TSH...I went back after a couple of months as I was feeling no better and they tested for autoimmune markers and thyroid again and lo and behold my TSH was at 24 (should be 0.4 to 4). So hypothyroid diagnosed. And Hashimotos (your antibodies are high!), and Sjogren's syndrome (also auto immune).

I'm still feeling not much better despite the thyroxine I'm now taking, but as the TSH level was in the normal range the last time they checked in July, the doctors won't test again and just tell me that I should join a gym (I have), and that my fatigue is due to being a busy mum hmm or that I'm in perimenopause (I have a history of breast cancer and the treatment totally messed up my hormones, so I have no idea if I am approaching menopause or not).

So my advice is to go back and see if they will test again - I think Hashimotos causes the thyroid to be attacked and so it could be that it will be so damaged your TSH will shoot up. But as I'm finding, that in itself is not the end of the story.

I have been taking Omega 3, Vit D and really cut back on gluten, sugar and alcohol and feel better as a result (I feel worse if I eat/drink those things - but the docs say "there's no evidence it helps..." (Can you tell I'm not that impressed with the doctors treating me?!)

I hope you can find some answers and some help to feel better.

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