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Had steroid jab into coccyx, ten times worse today, will I improve?!

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girlinamber Wed 01-Nov-17 08:45:44

Looking for any other experiences of tail bone pain.
Had pain for 18 months, just flared up last spring. Thought it would eventually go away but it hadn't so I got a bloody painful injection yesterday.
Oh my god does it hurt now.

BigGreenOlives Wed 01-Nov-17 08:47:38

Rest as much as you can for the next few days. I’ve only had the injections into my hip & the time it worked best was when I did nothing for 3 days afterwards

girlinamber Wed 01-Nov-17 08:53:42

That's what it said on the sheet I was given, but I don't know how to rest my bum as I have to sit on it!
Did you get relief from the injections? Long term?
I am surprised at the pain even when lying down as you'd think there was no pressure.

MyrtleMaracas Wed 01-Nov-17 08:59:35

I had terrible coccyx pain a couple of years ago, after trying cushions and painkillers with no real effect I eventually had a steroid injection. It got worse for a few days, plateaued out then very gradually improved. I was hoping for a quick improvement so was so pissed off when it initially seemed much worse.
I now only get an odd twinge if I sit on a bench or something hard for a longish time, but urgh the days when sat on the settee or in the car would have me in agony were a right nightmare.

girlinamber Wed 01-Nov-17 09:03:53

Myrtle that's a very familiar experience. Thanks for sharing, driving the car is the worst isn't it.
How did you rest, position wise.

MyrtleMaracas Wed 01-Nov-17 09:19:10

I just had to be either upright or on my side! It really was a carry on. The best thing I used was one of those bean bag type U shaped neck cushions, the beans were easier to mould so i could keep my coccyx completely free.
But yes, I recall been in tears about a week post injection, I'd been told if it was going to work it would do in the first week so I was gutted it was worse, but with me it was definitely from about day 10 it very <very> slowly starting to improve until it got to the stage I wasn't planning my day on how to avoid sitting down!!

girlinamber Wed 01-Nov-17 10:08:07

Thanks so much for your help. I've a meeting I have to attend tomorrow which can't be re scheduled. It'll be the leg tucked under strategy.
Tho I can't do that in the car.
I do have a special cushion but it's not really helped.
Fingers crossed.

MrsJayy Wed 01-Nov-17 10:12:40

Had a few for my shoulder and it startedto work 2 days later you really need to try and not move to much .

girlinamber Wed 01-Nov-17 10:18:29

Okay will do, wish the sheet had this info! Thanks

anywinewilldonow Wed 01-Nov-17 10:40:27

I had a steroid jab for gluteal tendonitis about a month ago. It was really painful the next day - I could hardly walk! But it did gradually improve.

girlinamber Wed 01-Nov-17 10:42:49

Glad your pain improved. Thanks I'll have to be more patient!

Pother Wed 01-Nov-17 10:49:28

Oh god, why did I read this thread? I'm having an injection into my lumbar spine this afternoon!

OTOH maybe it's a good thing I read this...expectation management.

Ice pack? Warmth? What might help?

Hope it all feels better for you soon. flowers

girlinamber Wed 01-Nov-17 11:26:22

Sorry wine
I've read ice not heat. I'm doing ibuprofen and lying on side.
Good luck

sinceyouask Wed 01-Nov-17 11:34:59

How did you get them to agree? I've had coccydynia for almost 3 years now and they have steadfastly refused the injections. I keep being referred to physios for lower back pain, who tell me they don't know why i have been referred to them as they cannot help. It's maddening.

girlinamber Wed 01-Nov-17 12:04:02

I had this when I was a teen and was told it would go away and it did after two years.
I just went to my gp and said I was sick of it and I wanted to have injection please refer me.
I saw an assistant firstly who wrote it down and made me an appointment with a spine doctor.

I did ask the spine chap if I needed an X ray but he said he could feel from examination it was crooked.
I know manipulation is a possible treatment, I'm not sure who would see me for that.
I would think you should go back and insist on being referred as it's been so long?

MyrtleMaracas Wed 01-Nov-17 12:19:43

'I've had coccydynia for almost 3 years now and they have steadfastly refused the injections.'
I had problems for months and months then a friend suggested the pain clinic, so I asked my gp for a referral. The Dr at pain clinic went through the usual recommendations with analgesia which I'd tried, so booked me in for steroid injection which was done within a couple of weeks.

'know manipulation is a possible treatment, I'm not sure who would see me for that'
I know someone who had a manipulation via pain clinic, sounds grim but it was very successful. She was admitted to the day unit and had it done under a very light G.A, only took a couple of minutes. It was rectal, apparently with a very displaced coccyx having a rectal manipulation (by a Dr never at a physiotherapist or chiropractic clinic) can realign things. Hers was put back in place and she didn't ever need any further treatment.

sinceyouask Wed 01-Nov-17 12:46:39

Thank you- I will go back and ask about the pain clinic smile

MrsJayy Wed 01-Nov-17 13:00:16

I am at physio tomorrow for lower back and bum pain I hope I am not fobbed off i have had it on and off for months.

Hulababy Wed 01-Nov-17 16:50:01

I've had steroid injections under my knee cap. Often more painful the next day but give it a couple of days and it starts to work. I was warned it often gets worse before it gets better

thesunwillout Wed 01-Nov-17 18:23:42

Good luck sinceyouask and MrsJayy,

hoping there's improvement hula, thanks

BigGreenOlives Wed 01-Nov-17 18:49:29

I paid to see someone privately, I think it was under £300 and I was referred by my physio. For me it was worth it as we live in London and it’s usually a 3 week wait at least to see a GP sad.

girlinamber Sun 05-Nov-17 09:33:02

Still bloody hurts.
Got some tramadol and low dose Diazepam on Friday off gp to try to calm it down over the weekend.
Have been taking those along side normal pain killers.
I had higher hopes but had to take the chance. Grrr annoyed sad

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