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Medical records seem to be lost, anything I can do?

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RobberOfCatan Tue 31-Oct-17 19:44:59

I moved practices in August 2016 (and counties) and am now trying to set up as a childminder. Ofsted need a medical declaration signed and understandably the doctor won't sign it without seeing my medical records, but they don't have them. Apparently they should have been sent over but they have yet to receive them.

I moved around a good few times and had an issue with my records being moved without my permission on one occasion (when I saw the doctor as a temporary patient) and I suspect that they've been lost at some point, another doctor mentioned it briefly a few years ago but I was led to believe that it had been resolved (though in hindsight I should have confirmed that they were there I just never thought that I'd need to!)

Is there anything I can do? The practice manager is chasing it at her end and is keeping me updated and has advised me to contact pals. Anything else though?

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