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Cervical screening test found HPV and abnormal cells

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Justalittleworried1 Tue 31-Oct-17 15:00:13

Hi everyone,

I had my first cervical screening as I turned 25 this year and I got the results back today and they have found slightly abnormal cells and I have tested positive for HPV. This isn't a surprise to me as when I was 19 I went to the doctor about a wart in that area and she said it was HPV, I was pretty distraught about it as I had only ever slept with 1 person but felt like I'd get judged as someone who sleeps around because of the HPV. Anyway, the doctors said they wouldn't freeze the warts (there were lot of internal ones apparently as well as the one external) and the wart stayed there up until I was 23 when I got fed up and removed the external one myself with over the counter treatment and that was it. But I am so worried now as all I can think is that my immune system obviosuly didn't clear the virus as the warts were still there 4 years later and now 6 years on I have abnormal cells so I'm panicking that I'm likely going to be at high risk for cancer. I'm wondering what will happen next when I go to the hospital appointment for a further check? If they find I'm high risk what happens? Do they remove the cells and that makes it less likely to turn into cancer? Sorry for the long rant I'm just a bit overly emotional about it as I have a 9 month old son so hearing news like this makes it extra scary. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Terrylene Tue 31-Oct-17 19:54:17

Do you know what level abnormal cells you have?

A lot of women under 30 get HPV and then have some cell changes, but most of them revert to normal. That is why they don't start screening until 25.

Hopefully someone can come along to let you know what happens at colposcopy, but I wanted to let you know that it does not mean you are high risk for cancer.

Namechange101110 Tue 31-Oct-17 20:08:35

Please don't worry, I've had the same myself and it went away with out treatment.

At colposcopy they have a look at the cervix under magnification, they then put dyes onto the cervix which show up where there are changes and if it looks as though it needs it they'll do a biopsy (which wasn't sore at all).

I'm not sure how they proceed to treatment from there as I didn't need it but I do know that they remove the affected cells which vastly reduces the change of anything developing. I had 6 monthly and then 1 yearly smears for several years to keep an eye on things and it been fine for many years now.

Lastly the viruses that cause cervical changes aren't the same strains of HPV that cause visible warts so you are at no greater risk because of having warts. I really struggle to clear warts on my hands and feet but I got rid of cervical HPV very quickly. I know its not a very big sample size but I hope it' reassuring to know that it can happen.

OutlawFromHell Tue 31-Oct-17 20:53:07

Don't worry most abnormal cells fix themselves. I had 2 lots of watchful waiting followed by 3 colposcopy examinations with biopsies. But no treatment was needed as it all resolved itself, I've had clear smears ever since.

Hoping all is well with you

Justalittleworried1 Thu 02-Nov-17 09:05:50

Thank you all for your replies, I feel a lot more reassured now. I realise the post was rambling, my head was all over the place when I wrote it. confused I've just had my letter to confirm the appointment with the gyno so will hopefully find out then if I need treatment or not.

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