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Has anybody else suffered since having an epidural?

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happilyeverafta Mon 30-Oct-17 18:09:58

Hi all,

I wondered if anybody else has suffered after having their epidural and if so what extent & how do you manage the pain?

I had my DD almost a year ago and was induced and had terrible birth, I asked for an epidural as baby was back to back and I was constantly monitored so wasn’t able to move around & therefore was on my back for 20+ hours.

Doctor had trouble getting the epidural in, didn’t say why but I know he tried in 6 places (having read notes).

Ever since I’ve had the worst back pain, it feels like my spinal cord is bruised and someone is twisting it. I struggle to walk, stand, bend....anything! I went to my GP about 3 months after and she just said “yes you’ll have a bad back, could take 6 months to heal” and that was that. Told to continue taking ibuprofen - I’ve at times taken12/14 a day as pain is that bad.

Since then it’s not improved, gotten worse. I can no longer take ibuprofen as have had bad LFT results so have been given 1500mg of Naproxen to take daily.

I’m at my wits end and so fed up of not being able to lift my dd or get on the floor to play with her. Even dressing myself I can’t do now as bending to put underwear on causes me to shout out in pain.

Any recommendations on pain killers or advice?! Is this pain normal after an epidural?

lookatthestars Mon 30-Oct-17 18:14:24

I've had one and had back pain like a sharp pain and a bruising pain for 6-8 weeks afterwards. Your pain sounds rather bad. Sending hugs your way! I wonder whether it would be worth getting a second opinion from another doctor? X

happilyeverafta Mon 30-Oct-17 18:29:25

Hi Lookatthestars

Thanks for your reply.

I’m seeing a rheumatology professor Friday for a follow up re arthritis which I was diagnosed with before my DD so will ask him as back pain has never been an issue prior with my arthritis.

Everyone I speak too says they’ve had a bad back from an epidural but they don’t seem to suffer like I am.

sadI’m feeling particularly sorry for myself tonight, hate it!

MrsSkeletor Tue 31-Oct-17 04:27:27

That amount of ibuprofen sounds dangerous, so I'd be worried by switching to a stronger NSAID (naproxen) seeeing as how you've already done yourself damage. Does your dr know you were taking over the recommended dose?

happilyeverafta Tue 31-Oct-17 12:11:09


Yes all was explained at an appointment in July with a arthritis specialist, and they were concerned about liver damage as had previous high LFT (over 200) was then given naproxen instead of ibuprofen and was referred to a liver specialist to investigate however that appointment isn’t till January 2018!

I’m going to see what they say Friday and see if there is anyway I can be seen by liver earlier.

Funnyface1 Wed 01-Nov-17 16:44:32

I don't think it's right that you are suffering and would go back to gp and insist on an appropriate referral.

I've had two epidural and had a spinal at the same time as my second epidural, so loads of messing about with needles in my back and I've had no problems, not even immediately after.

So I don't think it's normal and your GP should take it more seriously.

happilyeverafta Thu 02-Nov-17 08:49:15

Thank you Funnyface

I’m actually in hospital now as pain so severe they’ve referred me to a spinal surgeon. Just so glad something is being done about it.

Oly5 Thu 02-Nov-17 08:52:40

You poor thing. I hope you get some answers. I’ve had two epidurals with no problems

happilyeverafta Sun 05-Nov-17 09:30:31

Turns out I have two collapsed vertebrae how the fuck that had happened I don’t know.

Doctor also said crumbling of the spine. More tests to follow but does anybody gave any idea what can be done?! So scared

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