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Elchupacabra Mon 30-Oct-17 15:51:14

I discovered that my 4 year old had threadworms on Friday night, treated the whole family on Saturday morning, changed and hoovered all the beds and sat back smugly thinking that I had the critters sorted ...I have been checking his bottom a couple of times a day over the weekend and today I noticed what looked like a number of dead worms plus a couple of wrigglers. Do I need to re-treat everyone so soon after the initial dose? Does it really take days for these things to die off??

Elchupacabra Mon 30-Oct-17 16:15:09

Just giving this a bump.....

Elchupacabra Mon 30-Oct-17 16:39:12


Elchupacabra Mon 30-Oct-17 17:59:04

Bump.......*tumbleweed rolling by....

NataliaOsipova Mon 30-Oct-17 18:00:48

I think you have to wait a fortnight to retreat - that's what the pharmacist in Boots told me last time one of mine had them.

Elchupacabra Mon 30-Oct-17 18:17:57

What about the ones still moving? I thought the treatment was supposed to kill them all?

NataliaOsipova Mon 30-Oct-17 18:23:54

I've had exactly the same thing, but they told me to wait for the fortnight. I don't know if it takes time to kill them, or for them to be pooed out. That's what they told me when I asked, anyway....and I was slightly reluctant to overload my DD with medication against the pharmacist's advice (if it'd been for me, I think I'd have just taken it!)

Elchupacabra Mon 30-Oct-17 19:15:34

Thank you, I feel a bit more certainly brings a new meaning to 'Threads I'm Watching'........

NataliaOsipova Mon 30-Oct-17 21:52:05

Threads I'm Watching'........

grin grin grin

I hate to say it, but keep a packet of the tablets/bottle of Ovex in your medicine cabinet for the foreseeable future. My poor DD seems to keep getting them coming back, so it's good (for her, psychologically as well as for practical reasons) to be able to give a dose of the stuff as soon as you see one of the little buggers......

nightshade Mon 30-Oct-17 22:15:55

Did I read somewhere that showering bottom every morning gets rid of newly laid eggs?..may help reduce them..

Delatron Tue 31-Oct-17 17:41:21

I think you need to worm children like animals! We have two packets of Ovex in the house at all times.
40% of all primary aged children have them at any one time. Good hand washing is very important.

Elchupacabra Tue 31-Oct-17 22:41:05

I read that about showering the bottom night and morning and also read that if you put a smudge of Vaseline around the anus, the adult females can't get their eggs to stick.

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