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Awful anxiety about family

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rvge Sun 29-Oct-17 13:10:35

Apologies in advance about long post. I am in my seventies and have a happy life, apart from one all consuming thing. I have horrible anxiety about my husband, children and grandchildren being ill or worried or upset in any way. I cannot explain how horrible it is.You have probably all experienced that feeling, you wake up fine for a few seconds and then the worry hits you. The thing is there is always someone in the family either ill or worried (normal family) but in my mind I have the ambulance rushing them to hospital!!!! I have that horrible nervous, stomach churning feeling but as soon as family member is better my symptoms completely disappear (until the next time). It can be something as mild as child having D and V. I also get stressed when they are travelling and can't wait for them to get back to their homes.
I am certainly not depressed, just this horrible feeling of stress and anxiety about my family.
Anyway, my daughter keeps saying I should see my GP and go on Citalopram. I have read about this and the side effects seem worse than the anxiety!!! Also I suffer from hypertension and left bundle branch block and I have read that it can affect the heart.
Are there any HCP's or people that have been on Citalopram that could give me some advice.
My husband and I look after one of our granddaughters and we have other grandchildren who come and stay for the weekend. We don't act like "oldies" and take them out etc.

Footle Sun 29-Oct-17 18:13:56

I’m old too and have had severe anxiety ( mostly but not always with good reason ) for a long time. CBT has helped me a lot, once I came across the right practitioner.

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