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Abnormal bleeding

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PinotAndPlaydough Sat 28-Oct-17 09:00:40

I posted the start of this on chat recently but now need some different advice.
I started to take the pill 3 months ago to help manage my moods rather than as a contraceptive, it's been working fairly well and every time I have had the weekly break from it I have had a small bleed that's lasted no more than 3-4 days and has been fairly light, so far so good.

This month it's gone up the fucking wall, started off as normal had my break and restarted them, about 4-5 days after restarting I started to have breakthrough bleeding. It's been going on for almost 10 days now with no signs of stopping, it's really heavy (leaking through super plus tampax and a night pad that feels like a mattress), bright red with huge clots. I've also turned back into super bitch from hell.

Went to the doctor on Wednesday who just said it was very odd and she didn't know why it was happening. She prescribed me something that would stop the bleeding (take it 3 times a day for 10 days) then when I stop the bleeding would restart and then I would need to restart the pill. Started it straight away and the bleeding stopped the same day.
I've woken up this morning and I'm bleeding again and again it's heavy and has clots. I'm so fed up and I'm now so so worried. Won't be able to go back to the gp until Monday I just need some reassurance because at the moment my mind is going to the worst possible places.

purpleunicorns Sat 28-Oct-17 09:53:51

Are you up to date on your smear test? I don’t want to worry you but I’ve just been diagnosed with cervical cancer and the only symptom I had at first was irregular bleeding which they gave me tablets for to try and stop it. It’s more than likely just your body getting used to the pill but please go back and see your doctor about this

sadie9 Sat 28-Oct-17 12:06:35

Is it the full pill you are taking or the mini-pill, progesterone only?

PinotAndPlaydough Sat 28-Oct-17 17:07:51

It rivegidon so not the mini pill. I got my smear reminder last week but the gp said to wait until I wasn't bleeding.

The bleeding has now stopped again. It's actually doing my head in. I've spent a large part of today very upset and tearful.

purpleunicorns Sat 28-Oct-17 22:56:52

Go back to the doctors if only to put your mind at rest, it might be the pill or it could be some sort of infection which they can test for by using swabs. Let us know how you get on x

Lily2007 Wed 01-Nov-17 21:13:32

I had lots of irregular bleeding and clots, 4 years of it now. After 1 year of it had a test under general anaethestic which found a large fibroid which tested non cancerous so they discharged me. Last smear 3.5 years ago clear but before bleeding started, docs wouldn't do another one. Just had another one and am awaiting results but current belief is its just caused by a fibroid. Fibroids are common.

I'm having lots more symptoms now and am back at hospital. In theory its lots of little problems and that's the most likely option but really hoping they haven't missed a cancer as I'm stuffed if they missed it 3 years ago with all the symptoms I now have. The doctors are fairly certain they are right so it could well be nothing serious but don't be fobbed off without proper tests. I'm probably going to take work up on their private insurance offer as having quite a run around with the NHS.

Lily2007 Wed 01-Nov-17 21:14:47

So sorry to hear about your cancer diagnosis purpleunicorns, hope they caught it early at least.

purpleunicorns Thu 02-Nov-17 10:21:08

Thanks Lily, I went for scans yesterday so just waiting on the results

Lily2007 Thu 02-Nov-17 19:03:44

Purpleunicorns, hope the results are as good as they can be and there's minimal treatment needed. Take care. cake

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