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Immunosuppressants and feeling ill

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WombatStewForTea Thu 26-Oct-17 23:27:59

I've been on immunosuppressants for crohns disease for the last four months so this is my first winter on them. A few days ago I developed a really chesty cough which has quickly turned into breathlessness walking (usually relatively fit!) and painful breathing that feels quite shallow.
It's rare for me to pick up a chesty cold but even when I have I've never felt this rough.
Could it just be that because my immune system is suppressed it's hit me harder than usual? Anyone else immunosuppressed? And does it take longer to get over than usual (know it's not been long for me yet I'm just curious!)

mineofuselessinformation Thu 26-Oct-17 23:39:42

You need to see a doctor. As I'm sure you know, Being immuno-surpressed makes you more liable to infection.
It sounds like you need some antibiotics.

plus3 Thu 26-Oct-17 23:47:30

Absolutely go to your GP - I take aziathioprine for Ulcerative colitis and it has put me into complete remission, however the payoff is feeling on the brink of coming down with something most of the time and my recovery time from viral infections is a bit slower. Lemsip keeps me functioning!
It sounds as if you have a chest infection please do see your GP ASAP.
I have a quite a low dose of immunosuppressant but it works for my colitis ? Maybe your dose could come down as well?

WombatStewForTea Fri 27-Oct-17 10:33:55

Thanks folks. Been to GP who has given me antibiotics! Fingers crossed it clears it

BoogleMcGroogle Fri 27-Oct-17 10:43:21

Hi Wombat just to reassure you....

I was on azathioprine for years (19 I think, much longer than I should have been) for Crohn's. I've just stopped it and am luckily in remission now. If you feel ropey and can't shake it, always go to your GP. They really would prefer you to go and will take it seriously.

However, I was on azathioprine for years and was no illler than normal, even when I was a reception class teacher (snot central). Please don't worry that you will be poorly all the time, it might well be an one-off. I was so scared when I first started taking it! The blood tests become normal routine and as I say the GP will take any potential risk seriously, but you will possibly be perfectly well from now on. Good luck!

WombatStewForTea Fri 27-Oct-17 12:29:39

Thanks Boogle also a teacher and I'm amazed this is the first time I've been ill this term but as usual it's come on at half term.
Good to know you weren't anymore I'll because of it.

PurplePillowCase Fri 27-Oct-17 12:32:28

you need to see your dr.
you probably had a test for tb before you started?
hope you feel better soon!

wonkylegs Fri 27-Oct-17 12:42:49

I've been on immunosuppressants for 20years so it's hard to remember what it was like before but yes it can make you more susceptible.
I find that I get sinus inflections relatively easy.
You may need antibiotics more than most people as you are more susceptible to infections but it's also important that you do things like have the flu jab. I also have my kids immunised for things like chicken pox to protect me.
Talk to your GP or consultant if you are concerned.

coffin Sat 28-Oct-17 19:25:07

Hi Wombat
I have Crohns and am a teacher. I was on Azathioprine for 18 years and had about the same number of colds. Good that you went to the doc though, it’s always worth having a professional opinion when on immunosuppressants.

ohtheholidays Sat 28-Oct-17 19:35:21

Yes I'm immunosuppressed,I have Ulcerative Colitis and I've been on immunosupressants for 18 years now and sadly I catch pretty much everything going.

The one thing I would say it's really important to keep an eye on is your chest,I'd taken no notice of a slight cough in the past and ended up with pneumonia,I've had that 3 times now.

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