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Chest pain but tests came back Normal

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Naomi2007 Thu 26-Oct-17 19:22:11

Hi everyone. I'm wondering if anybody can advise me or put my mind at rest. End of September I had the flu, followed by a chest infection. I was getting chest pains and had been coughing up lots of nasty stuff 😷 sorry! I was given anti biotics but after 3 days I had stopped coughing but these chest pains were continuing, intermittently I may add but enough to scare me! I suffer from anxiety so it doesn't take a lot for my mind to run away with me. I ended up going To a&e where they did an ecg and some blood tests. All came back perfectly fine. They sent me for a chest x ray and said I have pneumonia. Three weeks later and after three lots of antibiotics I'm still getting these chest pains on and off but several times a day. I then came down with a cold which seemed to make my pains worse. I ended up down a&e again to see if my pneumonia had gotten worse and had another two ecg, blood test and chest x ray. All absolutely fine!! I booked an appointment with my doctor who said my results are al perfect and there is nothing wrong with me heart. Oxygen levels perfect. But what are these chest pains I'm having? They don't last long. But long enough and frequent enough to really worry me. I've read online it can be anxiety but surely anxiety is not causing this much pain? Any advice? ☹️

DesignedForLife Thu 26-Oct-17 19:55:20

Costocondritus? It's commonly triggered by viruses (I was told that by cardiologist when I was sent in with intense chest pains). I can tell I'm having a flair up (rather than something else) by pressing on the ribs near the centre at the top, if it's painful then it's not cardiac!

trinity0097 Thu 26-Oct-17 21:12:29

What sort of chest pain? I thought I was having a heart attack when I first had a gallstone attack!

Fairylea Thu 26-Oct-17 21:15:24

Chest pain is a lot more common than we are led to believe, most people automatically think “heart” with it which is good because it’s good to be cautious but the truth is it’s unlikely to be your heart.

I had (and still have) lots of quite severe chest pain this last year and ended up back and forward to a and e so many times as my anxiety was through the roof but they checked all they could and apparently I’m fine. Anxiety and stress (emotional or physical as in other illness) can do very strange things to the body.

Naomi2007 Fri 27-Oct-17 06:28:50

Thank you all so much, @designedforlife you're right it does hurt to put pressure where you mentioned, it's just my white blood cell count was normal at my latest test so unsure I'm fighting off a virus. @trinity0097 it's strange, it can appear in different areas of my chest, can range from aching to sharp pains. ☹️ @fairylea I have read online that many people are telling of times they went to hospital and it was anxiety, my anxiety has been massively high lately but only due to my chest pain. I'm hoping this will pass as it's so scary when it happens 😭

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