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Struggling to conceive with Polycystic Ovaries.

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SophieLouiseJenkins Thu 26-Oct-17 16:40:47

Hey everyone im new to this group.
Im 22 and have trouble conceiving my second child.

So when i was 13 i had horrible heavy flows (TMI sorry) and they would come 1 week every 5 months, at 15 my dr found that i had Polycystic ovaries and i was told id never have children as the cysts were spreading to my womb aswell. In december 2011 i had a labroscopy to check on the size and they were 2cm on each ovary.

In march 2012 i conceived my first child and gave birth to a healthy baby in december that year.
After having my child my periods have been normal, 5 days every month, my child is now 4 and i have been trying to conceieve my second child with my partner to no succsess.

Ive had fake positives, and my dr thinks i am infertile.

However 2 weeks ago my flow didnt arrive, i took a test 3 days after it was due and got a negative result. My stomach feels like its being stretched and there is a burning/stabbing pain in my lower belly, also my stomach is swelling. I cant sleep eat or move much as the pain worsens ive been for blood tests today as my doctor thinks i could be having an ectopic pregnancy or that my cysts have ruptured.

Just wondering if any one has any advice on how to stop the pain, or has anyone experienced this before and what it might or might not be. I dont want to get my hopes up.

Any help would be great thanks all.

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