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Enlarged ovary and follicles what does this mean? Doctor doesn't seem to worried ?

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darkcloudlooming Thu 26-Oct-17 12:22:39

So I had a scan 7 months ago.. I was told it was all normal. I had it due to irregular bleeding and a whole host of other symptoms. Then today I went back back because things are not right still and he read out my results from scan 7 months ago which he said I have ana enlarged ovary with dint follicles ( cysts) on the ovary. He said he isn’t worried and that there is Nothing else as GPs that they can do to help me so now have to live like this. A different GP 3 weeks ago was supposed to refer me to a neurologist because of other symptoms like none pain, foggy thinking eye issues etc and apparently he hasn’t done now. Why tell me they will and don’t. I’ve had enough of living like this. I had a period 2 weeks ago and I’m not spotting and I will carry on spotting until my next period. This isn’t normal. What can I do? I’m so worried about my health!

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