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Overactive thyroid? I'm pathetic but hand hold please!

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Neededastealthname Thu 26-Oct-17 00:38:46

I'm sat here terrified I'm about to have a heart attack! I just came to the realisation that what has been wrong with me for months may very well be an overactive thyroid, I have thought it was post infectious IBS after a nasty stomach bug, PMS (always been a problem), low iron (heavy periods) but recently stumbled across symptoms for an overactive thyroid and I have most of them.

Palpitations (why I am sat here freaking out)
Constant nervous energy, I always have to be doing something
Constant hunger
Twitching and trembling
Needing to pee more often

Luckily I already have propranolol (prescribed for anxiety) so have taken some and currently waiting for them to take effect.

I will be calling the doctors in the morning and really hope after months of feeling awful that I can finally get this sorted.

Does anyone have any advice or even just want to share their story? I know I'm pathetic but I would just kind of like the company right now.

FancyPuffin Thu 26-Oct-17 07:24:36

Those are the symptoms (plus intolerance to heat) that sent me to the doctor where I was eventually diagnosed as hyperthyroid. I was put on to meds and propanolol (sp?)

I'm about 5 months down the line and after more bloods and scans via my consultant I've been diagnosed with Graves. The main thing is that I feel so much better with meds, I didn't realise how ill I was.

If it is hyperthyroidism it's absolutely treatable and the right dose of propanolol gets the palpitations (worst bit for me) under control quickly.

Let us know how you get on flowers

Neededastealthname Thu 26-Oct-17 10:16:16

Thank you for replying, I have a doctor's appointment at 12:40, hopefully I am finally on the right path!

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