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Freaking because doc ordered an MRI

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Janel85 Wed 25-Oct-17 16:50:18

Hi, I’m feeling quite worried as my doctor ordered an MRI for my head after went to see her about hear headaches I keep having. I guess I would have been still worried that something serious would be missed if she had just fobbed me off but now she’s actually sending me I’m freaked out. Basically I get a throbbing pain at the back of my head when I get up from bending over or sometimes just from moving my head, as well as pressure behind my nose when I bend forward and frequent daily headaches, a sort of foggy feeling. I’ve also felt nauseous a few times and I’ve had a few occurrences of me using the wrong word, but I don’t know if his is because I’m worried I’ve got a tumour or aneurysm and I’m very anxious (I do suffer with anxiety). The doctor said my symptoms could be down to my sinuses but I don’t have a runny nose or nose congestion or any facial pain. Does anyone have any experience of sinus problems? Thanks

KarateKitten Wed 25-Oct-17 16:57:27

The MRI is to rule things out and do due diligence. It is a lot better than being fobbed off with some painkillers. I'm sorry you are scared but the MRI makes no difference to what's going on, it just means you can rule out certain things. Better to have that information.

Hang in there, it could be many things and only some of them are a worry.

Lunde Wed 25-Oct-17 17:11:00

There are many possible causes so it is good that they are doing the scan - sinus pain can definitely cause headache and pain bending forwards, or you could have a trapped nerve, or muscular tension or a a misaligned or congenitally fused vertebrae or indeed a multitude of other things.

It will be good to find out what you are dealing with

Janel85 Wed 25-Oct-17 17:14:56

Thanks for your replies, I’m grateful they are taking me seriously yes. I was fully expecting to be fobbed off which is why I’m panicked!

lovemylover Thu 26-Oct-17 09:23:46

Sounds like sinuses to me,i get it a lot,hope all is ok, try not to worry

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