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Should I go ahead with nerve block injection into my spine?

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Pother Wed 25-Oct-17 10:45:44

Obviously the consultant needs to advise me, but I won't be seeing him until the procedure in a couple of weeks time, so I thought I'd canvas opinions and experiences to think about.

Basically I've got a bulging L5S1 that is putting pressure on the nerve.

If rest, physio, NSAIDs and Gabapentine have reduced symptoms enormously, are the benefits of the injection still worth the risks?

I'm due to go back to work only two days before the procedure, so I have no idea yet how I will feel when I'm unable to rest.

Roystonv Wed 25-Oct-17 10:53:12

Following eagerly - in same position but L3/4 reduced nerve function. Painkiller works sporadically seeing consultant again today.

Pother Wed 25-Oct-17 12:53:39

My understanding from the consultant is that the disc will never shrink back completely. It will always bulge somewhat, and that the treatment is about management rather than cure.

The physio's take on it is that the injection will - if effective - give me 6-10 symptom-free months in which to work at improving my core strength, and that improving core strength and mobility is the best way to reduce or manage this degenerative process in the long term.

Pother Wed 25-Oct-17 12:55:18

Roystonv, have you been offered anything like Gabapentine? It has been amazing for me.

disahsterdahling Thu 26-Oct-17 14:38:02

My mum has had spinal blocks and when they work they are fabulous.

Sadly they don't seem to be able to get them in the right place anymore.

She had one in her hip last week and that doesn't seem to have worked, either.

But when they work, they are magic. I think it's definitely worth considering if you are in a lot of pain and it's better than taking lots of painkillers which can create their own problems (my mum has ended up with a stomach abscess).

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