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Female hair loss

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Yourownworstenemy Tue 24-Oct-17 16:35:32

I've always had thin-ish hair, over the last few month I have noticed a significant amount more loss when washing and brushing my hair etc

I know we all lose hair every day but I'm 31 now and know what has been normal for me all my life, so it is clear to me that there is more than usual

I'm starting to get a bit concerned I'm either losing my hair or am going to lose enough of it for it to be noticeable, nothing has changed in my life style recently although I have been a bit stressed, but probably no more than I have been in the past

I have had caffeine shampoo and hair and nail supliments, what I would really like to know though is if anyone has successfully stopped/reduced hair loss and how they did it, it seems every man and his dog has a recommendation but few have actually had experience with it

Thanks in advance

ThanksForAllTheFish Tue 24-Oct-17 18:57:30

Hi, sorry I have no advice. I was just coming on to ask for some advice re: hairloss and spotted your thread.

I know my own hair loss is due to low iron anemia. I’m currently on iron supplements from the DR and have been told it should grow back eventually once my iron levels are back to normal. I am also in my 30’s (34 in a few days).

How much hair are you losing in the shower? Have you noticed any thinning patches? (Mine is at the crown mainly and a bit round the sides)

I’ve not tried any caffeine shampoos etc as I have very sensitive skin and I’m not convinced they won’t break me out.

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