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FridgeCut Mon 23-Oct-17 13:29:57

I have a chest infection and have to take doxycycline. I am allergic to penicillin, amoxicillin erythromycin and trimethoprim so need to be ok with this. I am asthmatic so chest infections aren't that rare.

Anyway, I tried Doxy in September and was very, very sick with it. Apparently, if you eat lots beforehand it stops it? Has anyone got any tips for how to take it so I can tolerate it? GP just said full stomach.

Badders08 Mon 23-Oct-17 16:13:54

I have the same issue!!
Eat with it and DO NOT lie down after taking it!!
Also...take gavison or nexium tablets to protect your stomach

FridgeCut Mon 23-Oct-17 18:21:17

I've managed to keep down today's dose. I'll see if we have some gaviscon for tomorrow and keep up right, thank you. It is so horrible but I really have to get better and have it as an option.

Bunnyfuller Mon 23-Oct-17 18:52:47

It's vile, I had it for pneumonia earlier this year. Felt very sick. Bio yogurts were very helpful and stopped the nausea dead. Feel better soon!

Crumbs1 Mon 23-Oct-17 18:55:27

YEs horrid drug but sometimes necessary. It can cause painful abdominal cramps too but they do tend to settle down.

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