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Worried about lump!

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Mittens92 Sun 22-Oct-17 21:03:08

My DH has got a lump in between his ear and jaw which is rock hard and doesn't move. Previously he has been on antibiotics due to throat infection, sinusitis and conjunctivitis. He has constantly had a sore throat and finds it hard to swallow and it's been about 2 months now - GP says it's just a bacterial infection but now this huge lump has come up - he is also constantly tired and has about 3 naps a day and struggles with work cos he just lethargic and aches. I asked him if he has any other symptoms like earache or toothache but he ways no, same symptoms as before (sore throat, hurts to swallow, etc). He is going back to GP tomorrow but I am quite worried about it sad does this sound like swollen lymph nodes from another infection brewing? He doesn't drink nor smoke. His diet is good, plenty of fruit and veg and lots of water.

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