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pumpkinpie5 Sat 21-Oct-17 20:12:38

I'm feeling g fed up.

Had a cold last weekend then proceeded to lose my voice for three whole days. It's back now but really sore and I spent last night awake coughing and being sick all night.

I'm tired and cranky and got a docs appoint on Tuesday but not sure if I can do anything to improve it. Back at work Monday after having three days off.

Anything g I can do? I just want to sleep and it's getting me down. Everything is getting on top of me and I can depression hitting again

BhajiAllTheWay Sun 22-Oct-17 21:41:59

it's awful isn't it. I tend to try and drink lots of water, rest as much as possible. Eat fruit/ veg to boost your system. Take ibuprofen.. not sure if it's just mind over matter but it seemed to help. I also took vitamin c and d. No quick fix I'm afraid but will just help you until the docs appt.

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