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Who's had botox injections here?

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pruneface Thu 12-Apr-07 09:46:42

In the last 3 years I've aged considerably, I've noticed from photos and even friends and family have noticed (not said in a horrible way) I look after my skin,a pply sunscreen, moisurise etc but I feel I really need a bit of a helping hand and I'm after some botox jabs just to slow things down a bit. A friend of mine had hers done in the States and the difference was she only had it done the once as she didn't want to over do it and she looked and felt fab after.

Can any recommend a great doctor/clinic who does it? I worry I'll get a botched one who will make me look like odd.

I really do think this would give me a confidence boost as it's really starting to affect me, I don't look in mirrors any more, freak out if any tries to take a photo of me etc.

electra Thu 12-Apr-07 09:47:25

How old are you?

pruneface Thu 12-Apr-07 09:49:25

I'm 36 but look more like in my 40's now.

Whoooosh Thu 12-Apr-07 09:51:00

I didn't have really deep frown lines -botox is best for anything above eye level so I had some of my lines filled.

I had awful lipstick bleed type lines around my mouth and some deepish naso-labial lines so four weeks ago I had restylane and perlane injections.

I was nervous but boy am I pleased witht he results.

Best bet is definitely recommendation and then a consultation.Consultations should be free-you could look for a couple in your local area.

Where are you?

pruneface Thu 12-Apr-07 09:58:09

I would travel to London/Kent/Brighton/Surrey to have a good job rather than risk it.

It's the deep lines on one side of my forehead I'd like sorted and also a bad frown line in between my eyebrows. It's quite facinating that they have appeared and are so severe in such little time.

No amount of cream is ever going to shift them.

Whoooosh Thu 12-Apr-07 09:59:30

Sounds like you would be a perfect candidate for Botox.
Unfortunately,the woman I use is in Herts (hlaf an hour from Kings Cross)but I guess that would be too far for you?

pruneface Thu 12-Apr-07 10:02:33

Oh drat!

Maybe someone will own up in a minute but thank you Whoosh. I'm glad you're pleased with what you had done. Does it feel like a lovely new haircut? I can't wait for the feeling!

MrsApron Thu 12-Apr-07 10:02:57

me for side of eyes. it is fab. totally recommend.

pruneface Thu 12-Apr-07 10:05:49

Where did you have it done MrsA?

Whoooosh Thu 12-Apr-07 10:05:52

It's way better than a great haircut-people have commented on how "well" I look.
Definitely go for it!

pruneface Thu 12-Apr-07 13:15:26

Could anyone else help?

MrsApron Thu 12-Apr-07 17:30:38

Am scottish Pruneface.


Whoooosh Thu 12-Apr-07 17:51:16

Tatler (I think) has a supplement with it this month on "the best" in aesthetic surgery.
Left mine at a hotel or would look up Botox specialists for you-maybe see if a friend has a copy?

crumbybear Sat 25-Jul-09 19:10:26

I remember this thread from a while back. I had been meaning to have this done for such a long time but kept putting it off for one reason or another and chickening out.

I only had it done today and cannot believe the difference already, I am so pleased I had it done!

It helped that I reseached different clinics until I got someone I really liked, it didn't hurt at all.

I can't wait to see how it develops.

georgiegirl2 Sun 26-Jul-09 20:03:25

I have botox and restylane. I've been doing it for a couple of years now. It's amazing. When I was 32 someone guessed I was 37. I had a horrible, deep frown line which had been there since my twenties. Now it's invisible, as if it was never there. The first time I had botox was at a clinic in St Albans, and I wasn't happy with it. By ten days after, my forehead was completely frozen in the middle and my eyebrows would only go up at the sides. I also got ever-so-slightly droopy eyelids, nothing anyone else would notice, but I hated it. I went back and he put some more in to correct it but I was too frozen. It put me off and I swore I'd never do it again. That was about four years ago. After a while the frown line was back with a vengeance and with great trepidation I took the plunge again.

I've never looked back, it's great. I now look younger than I am. The first time I had a tiny amount of filler (restylane) put in the frown line but it's never been necessary since. At first the botox needed redoing after three months, but now it's closer to six. I have a plastic surgeon do it at a private hospital in Herts and he's brilliant. My forehead has loads of movement, but the frown line is completely gone. I also have restylane in naso-labial folds. This needs doing about every 9 months. I pay 400 for botox (this is a lot, but I trust him) and 325 for restylane. It has taken years off me and I feel so good about myself.

I've had IPL treatment on my skin and use a skincare system called Obagi which is awesome. This is at a clinic in Herts. The woman there does botox/fillers and I have heard is very good, but I'm sticking with my guy because I trust him.

I know a lot of people think this is the height of vanity and self indulgent, but since Stone Age woman rubbed pigment on her skin people have used whatever technology is available to beautify themselves. Personally it has made a huge difference to my quality of life and self confidence and I would be prepared to go without other luxuries. No amount of shoes/handbags etc will make you feel better if you look in the mirror and don't like what you see. I'd never have cosmetic surgery but I think this is different. It's safe, virtually painless, not intrusive and makes a huge difference. Go for it!

Megglevache Sun 26-Jul-09 20:08:08


Can you tell me about IPL, why did you have this treatment and I have heard good things about Obaji and also Environ? What's so god about them?

I'm starting to crinkle a bit more than I would like and my skin is a bit more bumpy than it used to be so i was considering dermabrasion of some sort to ditch acne scars etc.

Doesn't botox make you really shiny? it's a dead giveaway when you see Koilie, Dannnniii and nicole etc.

giantkatestacks Sun 26-Jul-09 20:10:21

Find your local SKiN clinic - they are very good and usually attached to hospitals and do NHS stuff as well so you can trust them - I've only had microderm there and not restylane though...

georgiegirl2 Tue 28-Jul-09 18:37:15

I had IPL today smile. It's brilliant, it does everything you'd like a facial to do (but it never does). Specifically, it's for getting rid of tiny red capillaries and hyper-pigmentation. In my case the hyper-pigmentation was caused by spots - I had acne from when I was a teenager until into my 30s. I was left with dark marks where the spots had been. I have mostly got rid of the acne now via first, a topical antibiotic prescribed by my doctor (zineryt), and I've had 3 sessions of IPL and been using Obagi since May. My skin looks better than it has in years.

IPL is intensed pulsed light, which is zapped into your skin using a special machine. The therapist applies some cold aloe vera gel and blows cold air on your face then goes over it with the IPL machine. The machine can be set at different frequencies to target red veins or pigmentation, and it is set at a level appropriate to your skin type. You can't have it done if you are suntanned. It feels a bit unpleasant - the bursts of light are very intense and there is a hot feeling, but it's momentary. There can be a slight burning smell as well, I think this is the fine hairs on your face being slightly burnt by the light. That sounds awful, but afterwards you expect your skin to be really red and angry but it's not, just a bit pink. You can apply make up immediately and there's no down time.

It's brilliant because it delivers a lot of benefits as well as reducing the red veins and pigmentation. It makes your skin look really radiant and glowing, a bit tighter and the texture is better. The therapist I go to reckons it kills bacteria in your skin too. The first time I had it done I called her a week later just to tell her how pleased I was with the results.

Obagi is a skincare system from the States. It's prescription-only, so you need to get it from a clinic where there is someone authorised to prescribe (like a prescribing nurse). You use quite a few products together in a particular order, and different ones during the day and at night. They are mostly creams which contain hydroquinone, and there's one with Retin-A. It's all explained on the website I think. There's more than one system available, I used Nu-Derm. It's horrible to use for the first few weeks and I nearly gave up - tightness, redness, peeling, etc - and I got a few bad spots at first sad, but it really does transform your skin. I've been using it since May and it's made my skin tone much, much more even - it glows and looks so much healthier, clearer, less jaded and dull. I always had to plaster on the foundation and spend ages applying concealer but I hardly need foundation now. It's nice getting up in the morning with no make up on and feeling so much better about my skin.

I suffered for years with spots and always hated my skin. It made me miserable and none of the shop-bought products made much difference. Obagi isn't cheap but the products really last for ages so it's not as bad as it seems at first. smile

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