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Broken wrist and surgery

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Monica53 Wed 18-Oct-17 15:03:14

Hi there
Well just over two weeks ago I thought save time and do shop on Saturday evening, however never got into store slipped on car park and fell to ground in turn landing on wrist and resulting in spending 5 days in hospital along with surgery to put my wrist back together 😣, so now on sick leave for at least six weeks as can't weight bear at all on arm/hand and just started physio to get or try to get wrist moving and omg I'm terrified it hurts and getting stitches out tomorrow 🙄. Also only getting 4wks full pay and then ssp so budgetting and writing every penny that's getting spent. My role is administered using keyboard for 99%of my day so at mo till cleared by consultant I'm on sick leave. Just hoping the physio gets easier at moment it's awful and just makes me feel sick😣

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