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DISO HELP - how can I beat this never ending tummy bug?

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ruthietoothie Tue 17-Oct-17 19:27:49

I'm at my wits end!! My little ones all had a tummy bug not last weekend but the one before. They were all (I have three) sick once / twice, and then recovered within a day or two. I got it at the same time (a week last Sunday), and felt very nauseous / feverish / headachy. But while they all got better speedily, mine has just not shifted. I've tried everything - not eating / eating / early nights / rest and I still feel grotty. Nauseous, tired and feverish.

Does anyone have any top tips for what I can do to finally shift it? I wasn't sure if it was time to go to the doctors. I am drinking lots of fluids but still feel a bit dehydrated constantly even though I haven't been sick or had diarrhoea (sorry TMI) the whole time...

Any thoughts so appreciated ±

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