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Herpes outbreak

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MrsPringles Tue 17-Oct-17 19:14:24

Thankfully this is an anonymous site blush

So return of herpes, first outbreak since the initial one a year or so ago.
I suddenly have a horrible cold, feel rubbish and tired and now some spots have appeared and are quite sore which all makes me think that's what it is.

With outbreaks, do you need the antiviral medicine? Not overly keen on having to show the doctor if I can ride it out without the tablets

I googled but it's quite conflicting on what I should do - can anyone shed any light?


bloobree Sat 21-Oct-17 13:14:50


I'm sure everyone is different but I can atleast tell you my past experience.

I've had 2 outbreaks since the initial,absolutely horrendous one nearly 10 years ago. The second outbreak was only marginally better than the first, sore wise, but didnt feel particularly unwell. That was about 5 years later but I dont recall it lasting as long though . The third one, this year after working more than my body could handle, I only had 1 sore but felt ridiculously run down and ended up with the flu. Both times I didnt go see for any medication and it did clear by itself.

Not particularly helpful I guess, as meds may help it clear quicker. Also hate the stigma around it. I feel your pain though. It's horrible. sad

JohnHunter Sat 21-Oct-17 16:54:45

You don't need antivirals if your symptoms aren't severe. If you are struggling with them then antivirals can shorten the length of time that you have discomfort. It is usually a tablet taken five times a day, though, so can be a nuisance in and of itself.

MrsPringles Mon 23-Oct-17 21:11:30

Thanks both, just seeing these replies now.

I still have it, it's starting to piss me off now. It's uncomfortable, not as bad as last time but still sore and I'm tempted to go to the GP tomorrow for the tablets


Shadow01 Tue 24-Oct-17 22:00:10

Antivirals can be a godsend in helping healing time during an outbreak.
Depending on how often you get one, you can take a lower dose for several months to help your body control the virus.

user1497997754 Wed 25-Oct-17 05:14:16

If I feel it coming on and I can always tell where the small blister like sore is going to feels like a small bruise....I apply some Zovirax cream straight away and it stops the outbreak on the skins surface. I never bother going to the doctors

MrsPringles Wed 25-Oct-17 08:57:50

I have the tablets 🎉

I couldn't get a doctors appt but I bought them online from Superdrug, I've taken a day and a half of the course and I already feel 4,000% better.

Best £20 I've ever spent. Unless people actually have this virus then they really don't get how much if hurts.
It's bloody awful. The leg pain 😩

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