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No sign of a period or ovulation yet!

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lovingmumhood Tue 17-Oct-17 19:13:47

I have two boys - one fifteen month old and one nearly ten week old. After my first son (even though I breastfed for six weeks), I bled for weeks postpartum, skipped a week and then had my period. We started trying then and I regularly ovulated each cycle and on the fourth one got pregnant with my second son.

This time, I didn't even breastfeed, bled for six weeks and since then have not had a sign of bleeding and the ovulation strips I am using (just the cheapies as we aren't planning on trying for number three until January) to try and see what's going on aren't even showing a teeny second line.

I'm getting really worried.

Has this happened to anyone else and they have gone on to be fine? We want five kids and I'm really scared it's all gone wrong down there. I had a pph with both kids, this time was a bit worse and was treated for Sepsis afterwards with an infection in my womb but it cleared up after treatment.


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