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Glaucoma panic

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user1482573375 Tue 17-Oct-17 05:32:25

Hi, went to optician twice last week. First visit had puff of air, pressure high (don't know how much), passed visual field test and had photo of optic nerve that looked healthy. Second visit have eye pressure of 22, my pressure had reduced from previous visit. I struggle with air puff test for pressure as I keep blinking when they do it. So they numbed my eyes and did the test where they put something against my eyes to measure pressure. She is referring me to opthalmology at Bristol Eye Hospital, but waiting lists are a bit long. She said due to family history of glaucoma, my mum had it. My dad and brother are on glaucoma watch, she wanted a second opinion, but didn't think I had it. My dad has offered to pay for me to see private consultant at Spire on Friday. He is the glaucoma specialist at the Bristol Eye Hospital. Am I going for overkill with this appt, will the NHS not treat me if I see this person. I'm a total hypochondriac and really worried about health of eyes. Thanks

user1482573375 Tue 17-Oct-17 05:33:21

I'm 39 yes old btw. Thanks

underneaththeash Tue 17-Oct-17 13:17:47

Well she's done the right thing by referring you, especially if your mum had glaucoma, generally we refer people whose pressures are over 21. So whilst yours isn't particularly high, it is higher than usual.

Sometimes the high reading is due to thicker than usual corneas. Glaucoma diagnosis is done through a combination of pressure reading, visual field testing (so the one where you push the button when you see a flashing light) and looking at the optic nerve head, often in conjunction with a OCT. So no-one can tell if you have glaucoma without all three of these assessments.

The NHS will still treat you if you see the private specialist, but if you have slight health anxiety then seeing someone quicker may make sense.

user1482573375 Tue 17-Oct-17 13:32:58

Thank you so much. My optic nerve looked healthy and visual field tests were perfect, just the pressure. I am very anxious, about going blind. Even though I know that's unlikely.

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