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Bladder issues post partum

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Rnew01 Mon 16-Oct-17 05:08:03

Hi all, I promised myself that I would write a post in case another desperate new mum was looking for information on this problem. I couldn't find much on it when I was searching, so here goes. At 10 weeks post partum with my second child I suddenly developed urinary frequency that was really troubling, it was like someone was constantly jumping on a full bladder and it was very difficult to take my mind off it. I saw a variety of people and after being treated with antibiotics to rule out a UTI I was told that it could be interstitial cystitis. This diagnosis terrified me and I became very depressed and eventually started taking anti depressants and seeing a therapist.

I had so many questions, I wondered if it was to do with adhesions from my c section scar (which I had chosen due to a terrible first birth with third degree tear) so o blamed myself that maybe I had inadvertently caused this problem.

Anyway, long story short I stopped breastfeeding when my daughter was 9 months and my period returned, as if by magic my bladder problems ceased as quickly as they began. I have found a bit of information online about the effects of low estrogen on the bladder and I think this is what was causing my issues. So I am greatly relieved and I just wanted to give any mamas out there going through the same some hope that it may go after breastfeeding is over. I still am worried that I will suffer from this after menopause but for now I am focusing on the positive that it has gone!

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