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Intermediate care, can we have private care too?

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Orchardgreen Sun 15-Oct-17 15:19:51

Hoping someone here will have been in this situation.
My very elderly mother fell 4 weeks ago, breaking two vertebrae. She's been in hospital since and is going home tomorrow. She is much less mobile than before and much shorter of breath than she was. She's on oxygen at home for pulmonary fibrosis.
She has an intermediate care package of three times a day, which we are very grateful for.
However, I think she needs someone sleeping in the house at night in case she falls, help her to the toilet etc. A falls alarm is being installed, but I would be happy to pay for a live-in carer for a few weeks for my peace of mind.
My question is, will they withdraw the intermediate care package if I do that? I don't want her to fall out of the system, especially as at the end of the six weeks she will get a financial assessment. She is well under the threshold for self-paying.
I'm going to ask them tomorrow when I get contact numbers etc, but I wondered if anyone else had been in the same situation. I realise that it may vary from county to county.

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