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All over itch. Feel pain swelling back of head

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smellybeanpole Tue 10-Oct-17 20:30:55

Back of my head is hurting bad and feels slightly swollen(Size of a 5p). After this came up a few days ago now I have this all over itch which is just unbearable and now a small raised rash on my breat bone. I had this type of pain last year when I got shingles. But no itching. I have no other symptoms. Maybe some general aches and pains. But nothing major. Could it be re occurring shingles ? I'm a bit worried now since I couldn't help myself and decided to google and lymphoma came up too with my symptoms shock.

Fluffybrain Wed 11-Oct-17 14:19:49

Yes could be reoccurrence of shingles. I itched when I had it. Go to the doctors.

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