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Possible Adhesion(s) pain 😔

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stephen89 Tue 10-Oct-17 17:32:45

Hi everyone, new here (please be gental 😆)
- So yeah, it’s in the heading really. I’ve been suffering with lower right side pain in my abdomen now for a few days. Out of the blue it came on - real sharp and cramp like. BEEN to the doctors - there she said it’s possibly adhesions from where I had my appendix removed 10 years ago? Has anyone else suffered with adhesions? The pains quite unbearable! Almost feels like appendicitus again (although obviously not!) I’ve tried everything, pain relief at home, hot baths and water bottles but with no avail. All other tests normal so they’ve ruled out kidney stones and infections. Urine and bowel moments sound. Just at a bit of a loss with it all. Thought I was over my operation 10 years ago! Any advice greatly appreciated.

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