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Anyone had a pyelplasty (kidney surgery)?

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seven201 Tue 10-Oct-17 14:57:40

I had a pyeloplasty 21 days ago and am feeling pretty fed up. I feel like I've got a permanent stitch (from exercise, not a surgical stitch!) in my back. I'm still taking pain killers and moving quite slowly. I've just been signed off work for another week and a half. I've got a stent (due to be removed at 6 weeks) and I think that's what's causing me to be so uncomfortable. Did anyone else find that was the case? I saw the gp yesterday as I'd had quite a lot of blood in my wee and particularly bad back pain - she thought it was my stent moving around. I think I've been overdoing it but with a heavy 16month old around (she's at nursery mostly or someone is here to help me though) it's hard not to!

I had complications post surgery and was in hospital for 10 days for blood clots, infections and transfusions and constipation. I had my other kidney 'done' 15 years ago and that went very wrong as I haemorrhaged and nearly died. I've been unlucky twice but obviously this time wasn't as bad and I'm grateful to still be here. I'm just feeling sorry for myself at the mo which isn't like me. I lost a half a stone through being in hospital (yay) but have probably put most of it back on through the amount of chocolate I've been scoffing!

Sorry, for the self indulgent post. Anyone been through similar?

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