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Pain in thumb joint

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dollybird Mon 09-Oct-17 23:18:31

I've had pain in my thumb joint (in the middle of my thumb, not at the base) for a couple of months now, although it comes and goes, but has recently started hurting more of the time. It feels like it's bruised on the inside if that makes sense. It's starting to be hard to hold some things without it hurting. I squashed my thumbnail in a metal gate 3-4 months ago, but I can't see how that would affect the joint further down. I will go to the GP if it doesn't get better, but I just wondered if anyone had had anything similar without an obvious injury.

LarkDescending Tue 10-Oct-17 08:39:12

Can't help, but watching with interest as I have also been having lots of pain in the same joint on my right thumb (dominant hand) and it seems to be changing shape (swelling/distorting on the painful side). Wondering about arthritis? I tried Voltarol gel but had to discontinue because of side-effects.

PandorasXbox Tue 10-Oct-17 10:58:32

Could be arthritis. I have it in my hands and it sounds similar to how you describe your pain.

dollybird Tue 10-Oct-17 16:04:53

I've been to the GP (called for a routine appointment expecting a six week wait and got a cancellation today - how often does that happen?!). She thinks it's a bit of tendon damage that will probably heal itself. She bent it all different ways and couldn't get it to hurt!

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