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Periods... breastfeeding... help...

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Smunawar Mon 09-Oct-17 11:44:06

i hope that someone can give me some advise
I am currently breastfeeding my 14month daughter i started spotting on 13/10/2017 and i thought that i was about to start my periods but i didnt get any heavier but i kept having light on and off spotting through out the days sometimes only once a day sometimes more then once, but around the 1st of october it became more like a period and the colour cycle was like a period aswel red,pink,brown then yellow and then so i bled for about 5/ 6 days and the periois two days there was nothing so i thought i has finished but then morning after two days of clear when i wiped there was light pinkish spotting, could this be because of breastfeeding its making me feel very scared.

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