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Why Twin Block Braces??

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Carodl Sat 07-Oct-17 16:52:31

My 13 yr old dd has just been fitted with twin block braces and like everyone else describes (in a previous discussion on this topic) she is on day 2 and really struggling. She has a 10mm overbite. I had the same mouth as her as a child with the SAME overbite. So I guess my question is why the need for this type of brace? Why have a 13 year old girl who is already embarrassed by her mouth, go through something which makes her look 10x worse and has already resulted in teasing at school? They managed to fix my mouth with railway track braces and elastics in the 80's with absolutely no need to be put through this type of procedure first. I am feeling quite angry about it and on the verge of asking for a second opinion as I am walking proof that you should not have to go through this - in fact using this procedure plus railway braces afterwards adds on an extra 9 months to the whole procedure and I am often complimented on my smile so the result from the 'normal' braces were fabulous. Can anyone explain the rationale behind this procedure to me? Many thanks smile

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