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Help! Skin mystery, possible psoriasis link? Pic

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splendidisolation Fri 06-Oct-17 16:11:35

I have guttate psoriasis and just finished a flare-up.

For about a month now when I'm in the shower ive felt itching and looked down to my right inner thigh to see what looked like a long red scratch mark. But that was all.

Now yesterday I look down and there's this rash! Except its not a rash, it looks more like blood vessels, I dont know if you can tell from the pic but its more purple than red. 😣

Has anyone ever had this? It doesnt hurt or even itch. I dont know if its linked to the psoriasis or not. Skin isnt raised at all, i think it's under the skin, doesnt change at all when i press on it. Im worried!

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